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A unique UK investment programme based on UK Supreme Court rulings, with hight returns, short settlement timescales, and 100% capital protection.

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    In the UK there are thousands of legitimate claims from individuals (claimants) for compensation under consumer litigation, however, many of these claimants are unable to pursue their claims due to unsufficient resources to cover legal fees and therefore require financial support.

    The Opportunity

    The litigation funding market is expanding rapidly, with a range of future opportunities in UK consumer litigation. The code consumer law market in the UK was estimated at over £17bn in 2022. The forecase for 2023 to 2026 is growth at 5.46%.

    The Fund

    Fund Strategy


    Capital Protection

    Investment are supported with 100% Capital Protection through comprehensive After the Event Insurance(ATE).

    The Legal Process

    Our legal partners are regulated by the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority and are strictly managed and audited by using case management software and KPIs.

    What is Housing Disrepair?

    By law, UK local authorities are obligated to offer housing that adheres to specific minimum standards of repair and health and safety regulations. If they do not fulfill this obligations within a reasonable timeframe, tenants have the right to initiate a alegal claim.

    Exit Strategy & Returns

    The Litigation Investment Scheme will offer an opportunity for dividing or profit redemption six months after the final close and again at the end of the 12th month, marking the year-end liquidity event. If there is a decision to roll over the investment at the end of the first year, a similar redemption window will be accessible in the second year for dividend encashment, leading to the final exit at the end of the second year.

    Team Experience

    Investment Management Experience



    The team consists of highly qualified and diversely experienced individuals.

    Years of Experience

    With More than 20 years of experience in leadership roles at prominent mutinational financial services companies worldwide, including HSBC, Bank of America, Cutugroup, and JP Morgan Chase.

    Team Participations

    The team members have also participated in the establishment setup, and early-stage development of a soverign-backed Islamic Investment Holding Company located in DIFC, Dubai. They provide structuring, strategy, and financial advisory sollutions to clients in the UAE and internationallu

    Team Financialy Experience

    Our team possesses several years of experience in effectively managing financial and consulting services-related businesses. We are headquartered in the UK and maintain reginal offices across mutiple jurisdictions.

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